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A rug carries within it a certain magic: the continuity of its pattern symbolises the connection between life and a certain worldview.
The phantom world surrounding rugs has been developing for centuries. Referring to the images of eternal paradise imprinted in our subconscious since antiquity, it nevertheless still has the capability to excite our imagination.
Taking its cue from the historical heritage of the rug manufacturers of France, China and Iran, Tapis Rouge Atelier creates geometric and symbolic concepts which have proved to be timeless.
Each rug is produced by our team of truly dedicated professionals who strive for perfection and create true masterpieces that become the soul of the interiors they inhabit.
Atelier Tapis Rouge creates rugs of either their own design or produced in collaboration with well-known architects and artists. In both cases the Atelier’s DNA is in delivering complex multi-layered colour schemes which adhere to the proportions of the golden ratio.
Our high stardard of quality is observed
at every point in the production process, from the creation of sketches up to the last knot of the rug, produced in accordance with ancient Tibetan traditions.
Tapis Rouge Gallery presents a selection of classic and contemporary designer rugs that went through a careful selection procedure in terms of quality and artistic merit.

A mark of perfection

Rugs possess have connotations, they carry their inner sense. In Persian tradition a carpet has been associated with an ideal world, an Eden.

French manufacturers, inheriting Persian traditions and developing their own stylistic interpretations, still kept to this concept of eternity and bliss.

The modern reading of this perfection is largely expressed through color schemes and abstract art forms which symbolise serenity and harmony.

A tool for interior designers

It’s been a long time since carpets were being ordered last at the final stage of the project — with their significant coverage of room surface they tend to play a greater and greater part both in terms of color and composition. While there are numerous tricks of using neutral shades for uniting interior elements and making it more comfortable, there are also many ways to add some drama or character to the whole set by choosing a saturated one.

It is more and more often that rug becomes a style-setter for interiors, as it defines the main theme and the rhythm along with organizing the space.

A masterpiece

We do not always understand what creates aesthetic pleasure, what excatly captures our imagination and forces us to spend hours contemplating an object that is under our feet. Resulting from the painstaking work of our talented designers and the careful work of Nepalese artisans, our objects can by right be considered masterpieces.

the centepiece of an INTERIOR

A rug is the centrepiece of an interior in a multitude of ways.
It can bring with it a certain charm and harmony, as well as the aesthetics of eternity, and through thid embodying the idea of the best place on earth.

True quality does not have an expiry date and does not fade.

The incredibly high level of artistism sketch which sometimes might become noticeable in years from its production when one sees that it is truly timeless.

Another important step is converting the sketch into a weaving. Design specialists formulate a detailed technical map, indicating each knot and elimitating every accidental line.

Experienced colour experts prepare a fibre shade scheme individually for each carpet, while complex combinations are achieved through a series of techniques.

Our rugs, made from natural materials, possess a certain nobility and longevity. Wool and silk possess a wide range of characteristics, both tactile and visual. Our dedication to professionalism and fair trade, makes our rugs not only externally, but also internally beautiful. 

Atelier Tapis Rouge's collections are produced in Nepal
in accordance with an traditional Tibetian techniques, which provides them with a recognizable texture, high durability and density.

Each step of creation involves thorough research and a great deal of spiritual exploration which sets the rug apart in terms of quality and builds a unique experience.