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Feb 26, 2018 Tapis rouge atelier

Collaboration of Tapis Rouge Atelier and Angelina Askeri in Rossana Orlandi’s show room

The first presentation of the collection will be held in Milan in April 2018


Within one of the key events of the year for professionals of architecture and interior design - during the week of the Milan furniture salon from 17 to 22 April - Tapis Rouge Atelier will present a collection according to the sketches of interior designer Angelina Askeri.

The first show of the collection will take place at the showroom of Rossana Orlandi in Milan. The hostess of the conceptual space, who has opened many new names and brands to the world, is known as a cult figure in the field of design, and we are pleased to participate in this exposition.

The collection was based on the cultural and architectural heritage of the beginning of the 20th century: from the smooth natural lines and the ornamentality of the Ar-Nuvo language to the simplified geometry of modernism of the 1920s and allusions to Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Exter, and Le Corbusier.

All carpets are hand-woven in Nepal, and sophisticated weaving techniques and natural materials of high quality were used for their production: New Zealand wool, Chinese silk, and also silver and gold threads.

The rhythm and proportions of each composition are intended for easy integration into the interior. The collection is presented by both accent, style-forming, and neutral color carpets. In the palette there are muted shades of sapphire, dusty rose, candy red, coral, caramel and other complex colors.

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