Rug Kerman-Kerman-41

The rug in question is a masterpiece of artistic craftsmanship that captures the eye and delights the senses. With its exquisite design, it reflects the beauty and elegance of the Kerman region where it was created, undoubtedly by skilled hands that have honed their craft over generations. The rug’s color scheme is both striking and sophisticated, with a warm beige field that is elegantly framed by red edges. The centerpiece of the rug is a black medallion that is intricately woven and draws the eye towards it with its bold and dramatic design. The rug’s large size of 320 x 635 cm makes it a rare and impressive piece that is sure to captivate anyone who has the pleasure of experiencing it. Its quality is evident in every fiber, reflecting the skill, dedication, and creativity of its creator. This stunning work of art is believed to date back to the 17th century, a testament to its enduring beauty and timeless appeal.

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