Rug Kerman-Ravar-19

This Tekrari rug is a beautiful piece of art with an endless repeat paisley design. It features an overall brown color with repeating light brown elements, creating a subtle yet mesmerizing pattern. The rug measures 322 by 139 cm, possibly dating back to the 19th century and originating from Kerman or Ravar. The intricate paisley design is a classic motif in Persian art, representing the Cypress tree, symbolizing eternal life and the life force of nature. The paisley shapes in this rug are gracefully intertwined, creating a mesmerizing flow that draws the viewer’s attention. The use of earthy brown tones gives the rug a sense of warmth and coziness, making it a perfect addition to any room. Its size is also perfect for placing it in a hallway or under a coffee table, where it can be appreciated as a piece of art. Overall, this Tekrari rug is a stunning example of Persian weaving artistry and an excellent representation of the paisley design.

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