Art of Area Rug Placement: A Comprehensive Guide for Your Living Room

At Atelier Tapis Rouge, we understand the transformative power an exquisite area rug can bring to your living space. A rug can unite the various elements of a room, lending it a distinct personality, aesthetic coherence, and warmth. Here, we guide you on how to select and position an area rug in your living room to create an inviting and balanced space.

Perfecting the Size and Placement of Your Rug 

Deciding on the ideal rug size for your living room can be quite the task, given the wide variety of options available. Typically, a standard-sized living room can comfortably accommodate an 8’x10′, 9’x12′, or a 10’x14′ rug. However, for larger spaces, consider rugs that are 10’x14′, 12’x16′, or even larger. Always remember to leave at least an 18″ border from the rug’s edge to the wall.

If you’re uncertain about the size, try visualizing with blue painter’s tape marking the rug’s dimensions within your room. And if you find yourself torn between two rug sizes, remember – bigger is usually better. A larger rug can bind the space harmoniously and facilitate easier furniture arrangement.

The perfect rug is not just about size but also about placement. The center of your living room isn’t necessarily the ideal spot for your rug. Instead, let the rug anchor your seating area, aligning it with your primary furniture layout. This ensures that the rug enhances the room’s design and creates a unified aesthetic.

Furnishing the Room – A Balancing Act

 The question of whether the furniture legs should be on or off the rug is one of personal preference. There are, however, some guidelines to consider:

  1. All On: Placing all furniture legs on the rug can create a sense of luxury and formality. This works well with larger rugs like the 10’x14′ or 12’x16′.
  2. All Off: Keeping all furniture legs off the rug allows your room more breathing space. This is ideal for smaller rooms and could pair well with a 6’x9′ rug.
  3. Part On: A mix, with some furniture legs on and some off the rug, can anchor your room while maintaining openness. Aim for consistency – if your sofa legs are half on, keep your chairs the same way. This arrangement pairs well with rug sizes from 8’x10′ to 10’x14′.

The Ideal Rug Material

With our extensive rugs catalogue, we offer rugs in a range of materials. Here are a couple of recommendations for your living room:

  1. Wool: Known for its durability and softness, wool rugs resist stains and spills while offering insulation for added warmth.
  2. Bamboo Silk: A sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional silk, bamboo silk rugs from Atelier Tapis Rouge bring both durability and elegance.

By focusing on the right size, appropriate placement, and suitable material, your living room rug can truly enhance your space. Our rug catalog boasts a wide variety of handmade rugs online, catering to your unique taste and needs. You can explore or even download our rug catalog pdf for more inspiration. Start exploring our handmade rugs for sale today, and let us help you make your living room a cozy and stylish sanctuary.

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