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Weaving the future inspired by ancient traditions

Atelier Tapis Rouge is a luxury rugs company based in Milan. We carry forward the rich legacy of rug-making, tracing back centuries. Our story is rooted in the traditions of ancient Persia where spirituality, tradition, and craftsmanship were blended, and it continues in the contemporary participating in the rituals of everyday life, filling interior design projects, drawing new expressive languages and new meanings.

We produce our rugs in Nepal, using sustainably sourced raw materials and hand-knotting techniques that embody the care and tradition of the past, respecting the values of the communities we work with.

Each rug is a testament to the company’s dedication to preserving the traditions of the past while embracing the challenges of the future.

In respect and love for the continuity of time, today, Atelier Tapis Rouge is run by Aaron Meilech, who carries on the heritage of his Persian family, moving from dealing in the rarest and intricate carpets, to rugs that better exemplify the contemporary historical moment and the demand of a market that also serves interior design, contract, and luxury in general.
Tapis Rouge chooses the language of contemporary art and present day scenarios to weave the future by designing high quality products which, with the right care and maintenance, can be handed down in the history of future generations.

Rug’s Museum

Atelier Tapis Rouge holds an extensive collection of Persian rugs from different regions and manufacturers in Iran.

The collection consists of more than 1,500 rugs with historical and artistic value that can be viewed online. Tapis Rouge’s Rugs Museum promotes the fruition of the heritage of ancient manufacturers and the different uses, functions, and celebrations around the rug object throughout history.


Atelier Tapis Rouge, in each step of its entire production cycle, reflects on trends, modern innovations, and architectural and interior design demands.

Our collections with 330 designs are a portrayal of our approach. To make our rugs, we use a variety of techniques designed to make the most intricate details and diverse surfaces look their best. Hand knotting, hand weaving and carving are among the main techniques used by our artisans. 

Our production helps to support community of skilled artisan craftsmen and their families to ensure that the ancient techniques are passed onto the next generation.

Like all of Tapis Rouge’s rugs, each design is created to last lifetime bringing warmth and energy to the home like a work of art.

Material & Techniques

In our company, we believe that true beauty lies in maintaining harmony with nature.

We use only natural materials: wool and natural silk, from Chinese silk to bamboo and alpaca. Every thread is carefully selected and skillfully woven by our artisans in Nepal using traditional techniques.

Their craftsmanship, rich color palette, intricate knotted patterns, and enchanting textures make each rug a unique piece.

With every rug, our goal is to create authenticity, beauty, and timeless quality.


At Tapis Rouge, sustainability permeates every aspect of our work as a reflection of our ongoing commitment to producing, according to ecological and ethical practices, rugs that are meant to last for generations. 

Our priority is to ensure that our collections have a minimal environmental impact; our rugs are carefully hand-knotted, carved, and washed using only environmentally friendly tools and techniques. Our ethical commitment is intrinsic to preserving authentic processes that’s why we continue to use unique, traditional formulas that significantly reduce the environmental impact of dyeing the yarns.

Care & Maintenance

A high-quality handcrafted rug can last forever if carefully and well maintained.

Should the carpet be damaged by external agents, TAPIS ROUGE can restore or replace the specific area. To facilitate this process, keeping the product code label on the back of the carpet, is essential. We maintain all carpet formulas produced by TAPIS ROUGE indefinitely.


Our possibilities are limitless when creating a unique design. We understand how challenging it can be to create a project from scratch, but it’s also fascinating, and we love challenges.
Over the years, we have mastered the techniques of creating unique hand-woven, hand-tufted, and machine-made rugs. Our production facilities make it possible to fulfil the most captivating requests and desires regarding sizes, shapes, textures, and pile height. Our day-to-day work as a design consultancy and interior design studio focuses on delivering tailor-made solutions according to every type of project and budget.

We have also created a useful toolkit for choosing the parameters of your ideal Rug: a catalog of samples and materials featuring different surfaces, finishes, techniques, and knot densities. Our Atelier will deliver the best product visuals and in-situ visualisation for your review. 

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