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Tratto Collection forma libera

WHY LIBERA – FORMA? “Libera” is both an adjective and a verb. “To liberate”, to give freedom, can also means “to set free in the world”, “to give life”.
“Forma” is both a noun and a verb, it indicates the action of “shaping”, “modeling something” and at the same time this shape is also the aspect of an object, the materialization of an image into a real entity.

Tapis Rouge, tappeto Tratto Curvo, design di Natalia Enze Collezione Tratto. La forma del tappeto è curva e irregolare per enfatizzare il dinamismo dell’oggetto.

Tratto Collection
The word “tratto” in Italian describe the act, single or repeated, of producing lines, brush strokes while drawing or sketching or painting. Ideally Tratto it’s also created using with different tools engraving different materials like clay, chalk, metals for fine art printing etc. The variety of applications and materials that can be involved in the process and the multitude of gestures can change the depths, thickness, brightness, frequency, energy and uniformity of the Tratto. Tratto can be sometimes the origin of an illumination; sketching for an artist is one of th main tools to translate a vision into a visual.

Tratto collection is made by a number of 6 colors that can come in 3 standard sizes or custom made. The carpet shape is curved and irregular to emphasize the dynamism of the interior and strengthen the connection between the furniture pieces.


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