The art of rug production: some details about rug-making techniques

There are several techniques for making a rug. The selected method of manufacturing influences not only production time and the price but also the durability and possibility of the pattern detailing.

Hand-tufting: fast & cheap

For example, when using the hand-tufting technique, the fiber of the selected material is needled into the linen base already stretched on the frame with the so-called yarn gun according to the sketch to create loops. The tufting technique shortens the production time and allows you to make a rug in extra-large sizes. Because of the quick production and the ability to make a custom size for a large space, these rugs are often requested for commercial projects such as business centers or hotels.

With Tapis Rouge you always can customize the beloved design in a technique you like. Discover this hand-tufted Composition XX rug from Abstraction collection.

Hand-Loom for simple rugs

Talking about hand-loomed rugs, these items are crafted by an artisan who hand-knots each piece of yarn on a loom. As each yarn is tied into the base and usually these rugs are flat and have no pile. This technique is used for carpets with a simple pattern or one-colored rugs.

Hand-Knotted luxury rugs

The most luxurious and unique area rugs are usually hand-knotted. Hand-knotting is a traditional technique passed down from generation to generation in Nepal. It is a very precise manual weaving technique, involving vertical or horizontal looms, carried out by highly skilled artisans. This technique permits a wide range of finishes, starting from simple to elevated loop pile involving various fibers.

Let’s explore it step by step.

Firstly, threads are carefully tinted to ensure a 100% match with the chosen design. Just have a look at our brightest collections to our latest collection of colorful unusual rugs Tratto and Abstraction III to fully assess the saturation of the possible color palette.

Then after the drying when the colors are fixed, the threads are ready for weaving. 

Each rug is woven by several weavers who step by step, knot by knot. The high knot density allows to create the most detailed ornaments and customize them. 

Tapis Rouge hand-knotted area rugs also guarantee the sustainability of the whole process and the highest durability of the carpets to make them suitable for both living rooms, bedrooms or showrooms and other spaces.

When the weaving is finished the rug is washed and carved. Rug carving creates variations in pile height and a three-dimensional effect, allowing the carver to pull the attention of the viewer to the particular elements or add design to a plain surface. 

Enjoy playing with shapes and textures of wool and buy high-end hand-knotted rugs for your home in Tapis Rouge.

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