Tips for choosing a perfect rug for a kid’s room

Kid’s room can be a place of playful chaos, but a soft and safe rug from natural materials can provide a comforting and secure foundation for any adventure.

While looking through online catalogs with the rugs and choosing the most suitable one for your child, we suggest you pay attention to several aspects: material and all the characteristics which are connected to it (durability, stain-resistance, possible allergic reactions, etc.), color, and design.

In Tapis Rouge we use only organic materials to ensure the safety of the carpet for every customer: wool, silk, mohair, alpaca, etc.

What material is the best for a rug in a kid’s room?

New Zealand wool could be a great choice for children’s bedroom interiors because of its softness and easy cleaning. On the other hand, silk rugs are hypoallergenic and have a delicate shine that fulfills the room with additional light. You also can add extremely durable mohair, natural allo or some special fluffy alpaca details.  We use sustainable materials to create our rugs, ensuring the safety of your children while also protecting the environment for their future.

How to create an individual space for a child?

Reflect on your kid’s personality and try to choose the rug together! Explore some floral motifs or more strict patterns which will play with other furniture in the room. Place the rug in the center of the room or link it to a certain object. You can add softness and warmth to the whole interior with a fluffy high-pile rug or put a simple short-pile carpet as a final touch to the design. Notice the special Frozen collection that became very popular for kid’s room interiors. With Tapis Rouge, you can bring your interior project ideas to life by creating a one-of-a-kind customized rug that perfectly fits your space and follows the most incredible wishes of the child. And if you want to buy rug quickly just have a look at our stock list of carpets.

What rug color to choose for a nursery?

Have fun! You can add details that reflect the personality and interests of your little one or live more space to play and keep neutral calm tones that can be easily transformed as the child get older. Explore our carpet catalog and get the best area rug for your nursery!

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