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Latest Collection

A glimpse of the latest collections from our catalog showing the variety of our designs and our ongoing color and textile research.


The “Inganni Spaziali” collection celebrates Italian design through a collaboration with a historic name in graphic design, Armando Milani.

The four carpets that compose the group: Emozioni, Illusione, Groviglio, Connessioni, are the large-scale transposition of analog works from the 1970s and are aimed to pay homage not only to the aesthetics of those years but also, above all, to an era marked by great expressive freedom, the courage of experimentation and the empirical process of manipulating materials that allowed the creation of profoundly simple and evocative works.

To recreate the three-dimensionality of volumes and the light and dark of gradients, we combined wool and silk yarns in different and uneven concentrations on the rug’s weave. The warm palette and homogeneous pile height evoke the surface of paper-cotton by returning a soft and tactile feeling.


The word “tratto” in Italian describes the act, single or repeated, of producing lines, brush strokes while drawing or sketching or painting, but also engraving, carving and printing on different surfaces. The variety of applications and materials that can be involved in the process and the multitude of gestures can change the depths, thickness, brightness, frequency, energy and uniformity of the Tratto.

Tratto can sometimes be the origin of an illumination; the Collection pays homage to the gesture of drawing as the main tool for translating a vision into a visual.

In the Tratto Collection, the shape of the rug is sometimes curved and irregular to emphasize the dynamism of interiors and strengthen the connection between furniture.


Inspired by the beauty and philosophy of the natural light spectrum, the collection of 14 mesmerizing futuristic designs harmoniously combines the smoothness of organic form, unique qualities of scientific creation and advanced sustainable and ethical material production to elevate and transform a piece of interior design – the rug – into a work of art.

As a starting point for each design, the atelier’s in-house international team of designers, architects, graphic artists and craftspeople design team looked to the electromagnetic spectrum. Four frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and their respective wavelengths and photon energies were translated into a collection of 14 distinctive designs that blend fluid forms with striking color gradients.


The “Classical Mythology” collection of rugs brings the timeless beauty of Apollo and Aphrodite into your home. Inspired by the Greek gods of art and beauty, these rugs are a celebration of the classical ideals of harmony and grace. “The transposition of Apollo and Aphrodite on the soft surface of a carpet wants to become the symbol of an eternal charm that takes inspiration from the human being to turn into divinity.” Fabio Novembre.



The “Monumenti” collection of Italianate rugs pays homage to the ancient architecture that has shaped our past. With its visual abstractions of forms and its yellowish color, these rugs are a reminder of the importance of preserving our memories. As the designer Fabio Novembre says, “A form of respect for our own roots are transformed into soft surfaces inside our homes, on which one takes new steps between past and future.” Shop the “Monuments” collection online and bring a touch of history into your home.


ABSTRACTION III alludes to the inner world of humans, the harmony of colors and shapes that form the thoughts giving voice to the imagination. 

This new series of drawings enriches and continues the Abstraction collection, adding color tones, textures, and nuances, returned by the geometries and sometimes by the different heights of the pile.

Objects, furniture, and light, together with the carpet, become part of a coherent syntax in which the recombination of multiple visual and tactile elements creates harmony.

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