Rug Illusione

designed by Armando Milani
The "Inganni Spaziali" collection celebrates Italian design through a collaboration with a historic name in graphic design, Armando Milani. The four carpets that compose the group, Emozioni, Illusione, Grovigli, and Connessioni, are the large-scale transpositions of analog works from the 1970s. In "Illusione," the optical illusion gives three-dimensionality to the carpet and transforms it into a living object. The composition of natural and precious fibers and the complex palette perfectly recreate the volumes and gradients. The weave of the Illusione rug contains 60% wool and 40% silk, with a knot density of 100 knots/inch². The warm palette and homogeneous pile height of 6 mm evoke the surface of paper cotton, returning a soft, tactile feel. The size and rectangular shapes of the rugs maintain the proportions of Milani's original works but can be adapted to the customer's needs.
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Wool 60%, Silk 40%
Knot Density
100 knots/inch²
Pile Height
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Armando Milani
designed by
Armando Milani
Armando Milani was born in Milan in 1940. He studied as a graphic designer with Albe Steiner. He opened his own studio in Milan in 1970 and in New York in 1980, after a collaboration with Massimo Vignelli. Member of the AGI (Alliance Graphique International) since 1983, he is an expert of Corporate Identity, Editorial Design, Humanitarian and Ecological posters. In 1995 he received a prize for his poster New York City Capital of the World. He published several books: “A double Life of 80 AGI designers” on creativity and sense of humour, “Fifty Poems of Ferlinghetti, Fifty Images of Milani”, “No Words Posters” speechless poster of hundred AGI members and “Ubuntu Collection Posters” for Nelson Mandela. In 2002 Armando designed the poster “War/Peace “ for the United Nations and in 2022 the poster “European Future” for the European Parliament. In 2017 he received a gold medal for his humanitarian posters from the University Anahuac in Mexico City.
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