Rug Marrone

The word “tratto” in Italian describes the act, single or repeated, of producing lines, brush strokes while drawing or sketching or painting, but also engraving, carving and printing on different surfaces. The variety of applications and materials that can be involved in the process and the multitude of gestures can change the depths, thickness, brightness, frequency, energy and uniformity of the Tratto. Tratto can sometimes be the origin of an illumination; the Collection pays homage to the gesture of drawing as the main tool for translating a vision into a visual. In the Tratto Collection, the shape of the rug is sometimes curved and irregular to emphasize the dynamism of interiors and strengthen the connection between furniture.
Rug ID
Bamboo Silk 83%, Allo 17%
Knot Density
60 knots/inch²
Pile Height
3 - 12mm
Terms Of Production
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