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Rug Roma Camouflage

designed by Mike Shilov
The La Scala collection was originally inspired by Mike Shilov's admiration for Italian architecture, particularly the beauty and variety of staircases as architectural elements. The collection is the result of research into the different functions of this element, from ancient times to modern and contemporary styles. The staircase, over the centuries, has served not only as an element of junction between different levels of a building; it has had celebratory, scenic, and monumental functions, as in neoclassical and baroque architecture; it has served and serves to ascend and descend in the space of elsewhere. The design, which in the collection reduces the element to its essentiality made up of lines, gravitates to a metaphysical space in the shades of different terrestrial and non-terrestrial landscapes.
Rug ID
Wool 20%, Silk 80%
Knot Density
150 knots/inch²
Pile Height
Terms Of Production
Mike Shilov
designed by
Mike Shilov
Is known for his impeccable work in creating private and contract spaces that blend modern lifestyle and discreet luxury. His notable project for the Bosco Verticale skyscraper in Milan was featured in Architectural Digest’s prestigious “The Very Best of Design” issue. He performs with master classes and lectures at important design events and International Design School.