Rug Sellero Grigio Chiaro

The Val Camonica collection takes its cue from a visual collection of petroglyphs found in this mountain area of northern Italy. Representations, signs, and symbols that have come down to us after 8000 years on the rock - matrix, and story - of the importance of body gestures as language and of man's relationship with nature and his memory. The Val Camonica - outdoor collection is characterized by repeated patterns of engraved signs, where the different depths of the pile also give the design rhythm. The fibers used are 100% recycled PET, a material extremely resistant to external agents like sun or rain, antistatic, high-tech, and durable. All these characteristics make these rugs perfect for the summer and any season's outdoor decoration and sustainability.  From our fascination for "what is destined to remain" comes the idea of engraving a message of love for our planet on recycled fibers with the hope that good design is the correct cultural response to the need for awareness and sustainability.
Rug ID
Recycled PET 100%
Knot Density
60 knots/inch²
Pile Height
3 - 5mm
Terms Of Production
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