Rug Zanskar Allure

The Himalaya collection was inspired by the surface of the rocky mountains, the crumbly texture and the complex palette that develops over multiple natural layers. Each rug is handwoven by skilled artisans using the finest materials, resulting in unique and durable pieces. The swirling clouds hang low over the head of the night traveler. The darkness is absolute; no star can pierce it with its light. Nevertheless, the silvery light of the moon, the queen of the night, suddenly illuminates the celestial movement, the whirlwinds of air rushing through the air. The light has reached the ground, and the traveler once again discerns his winding path somewhere deep in the Himalayan mountains. In creating the patterns, we considered the material's texture, the properties of the pile, and the loop’ types resulting in a design based on new languages and trends.
Rug ID
Wool 77%, Silk 17%, Allo 6%
Knot Density
100 knots/inch²
Pile Height
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