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Rug Azarbayejan-Bakhshajesh-12

Currently on display in our virtual museum is a Toranji design rug, dating back to the third quarter of the 19th century and believed to have originated from one of the renowned regions of Bakhshayesh or Bakhtiari. Measuring 343cm x 183cm, it features a central medallion design in a rich color palette, with a unique feature of blue corners in the middle. The background is a harmonious blend of cream white and red colors. The intricate details and symmetrical pattern illustrate the exceptional skill and artistry of the weaver. The Toranji design is known for its central medallion and the blue corners in the middle is an uncommon feature that makes this rug stand out. The addition of the cream white and red colors create a beautiful contrast to the overall design. This rug is not just a decorative piece, but a work of art that tells the story of a people and a culture. The rug serves as both an aesthetic addition and a cultural artifact preserving the heritage of the weaver and the Bakhshayesh or Bakhtiari region.
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