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Rug Azarbayejan-Bakhshajesh-18

On display is a Lachak-Toranj design rug, dating back to the last quarter of the 19th century, believed to have originated from the region of Bakhshayesh. Measuring 401cm x 328cm, it showcases an intricate color scheme of deep blue and red ornaments, creating a dynamic interplay of hues. The central medallion, rendered in hues of red and orange, is adorned with elegant floral patterns and surrounded by a yellow border. The corners of the rug feature a blueish hue, adding depth and complexity to the design. The weaver’s expertise is evident in the precise details, symmetry, and use of vibrant colors, making it an elegant and sophisticated piece. The rug’s design is a feast for the eyes, an intricate and mesmerizing blend of colors and shapes.

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