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Rug Azarbayejan-Bakhshajesh-19

Presenting a spectacular Toranji design rug, crafted in the late 19th century by a weaver from the renowned region of Bakhshayesh. Measuring 516cm x 313cm, it features a striking central medallion in a hexagonal shape, rendered in a rich red hue. The medallion is surrounded by a dark blue ornamental border, adding a sense of depth and elegance to the design. The edging of the rug is adorned with a striking combination of red and yellow ornamentation, drawing the eye outward. The corners of the rug are decorated with a deep blue or even indigo shade, adding a sense of richness and complexity to the overall design. The skill and artistry of the weaver is evident in the precise details, symmetry and use of bold colors, making this rug a true work of art that will captivate the viewer with its beauty.

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