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Rug Azarbayejan-Heris-27

This rug boasts a striking medallion design featuring dark and red hues, with blue elements. The medallion has a striking resemblance to a cross on a black background. The blue elements are placed on the top and bottom of the medallion. The design of the rug is known as Lachak-toranj, which is a corner-medallion pattern, originating from the town of Heris. Measuring 376 cm by 290 cm, this piece was crafted in the year 1900. The striking contrast of the dark and red hues, with the blue elements and the cross-like medallion, makes this rug a unique and beautiful piece of art. The rug’s intricate details and the use of different colors, make this rug a true testament to the skill and artistry of the craftspeople of Heris.

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