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Rug Fars-Qashqa’I-72

This Qashqa’i Toranji rug is a true masterpiece of Persian weaving, boasting exquisite beauty and stunning craftsmanship. The dark, velvety black field is absolutely covered with an intricate pattern of luscious floral ornaments, executed in shades of red, yellow, green, and blue. Each petal and stem is finely detailed and creates a harmonious visual symphony that draws the eye in and captivates the soul. Surrounding the black field is a vibrant red border that perfectly frames the central design and adds a bold contrast that enhances the rug’s beauty even further. The edges are adorned with a charming yellow line that acts as a delicate accent to the overall composition. Measuring an impressive 322 by 183 cm, this rug was created in the early 20th century and is a testament to the time-honored traditions and skills of Qashqa’i weavers.

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