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Rug Hamadan-Toyserkan-2

This Lachak-Toranj rug from Toiserkan features a striking combination of colors with a red and green medallion set against a black field. The red corners add a pop of color, while the green and red edges create a border that frames the design. The use of contrasting colors and geometric shapes gives the rug a dynamic and eye-catching appearance, which is typical of the Lachak-Toranj design style. Although the exact size of the rug is not provided, it is likely a medium-sized piece, as Lachak-Toranj rugs tend to be smaller in size. The rug’s age is estimated to be from the 19th century. As a piece of art, it showcases the skill of the weavers in Toiserkan and their ability to create a visually stunning and harmonious composition using traditional motifs and techniques.

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