Rug Kerman-Kerman-50

The Tasviri rug from Kerman is a true work of art that depicts men and women in intricate detail. The figures are expertly woven, with fine lines and bold colors, giving them a sense of life and movement. The rug is large, measuring 384 by 276 centimeters, allowing the viewer to fully appreciate the many scenes and characters woven into the design. The use of color in this rug is striking, with a mix of bold, bright shades and more muted, earthy tones. Each figure is depicted with incredible detail, from the folds in their clothing to the expressions on their faces. The overall effect is one of great beauty and complexity, drawing the viewer in and inviting them to explore every detail of the intricate design. Though the rug’s exact date is uncertain, it is likely from the 19th century. Despite its age, it has clearly been expertly cared for and has maintained its vibrant colors and intricate details.

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