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Rug Kordestan-Sanandaj-15

This magnificent rug features a bold and captivating design that exudes elegance and sophistication. The rich red field creates a stunning backdrop for the intricate brown medallion, which draws the eye with its elaborate details and exquisite craftsmanship. The beige edges frame the design perfectly, providing a subtle contrast that enhances the rug’s beauty. Crafted with the finest materials and the utmost attention to detail, this rug is a true work of art. The meticulous weaving techniques and intricate design elements are a testament to the skill and expertise of the weaver who created it. With its generous size of 122 by 216 centimeters, it’s sure to make a stunning statement in any space. While the exact date of creation is unknown, it’s likely that this rug was made in the 19th century, during a time when Persian rug weaving was at its peak. Its origins may be from either Bijar or Sanandaj, two regions in Iran renowned for producing some of the finest rugs in the world.

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