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Rug Markazi-Khomeyn-1

This Talfighi rug is a beautiful piece of art that showcases the intricate and unique design of Khomeyn. The rug features a striking combination of light red medallions and red corners, which are set against a black background. The edges are also black, providing a bold contrast to the vivid red hues. Although the exact size of the rug is unknown, it is described as small, which would make it a perfect decorative item for a variety of spaces. The rug’s age is estimated to be from the 19th century, adding to its cultural and historical value. The Talfighi design is known for its mingling medallions, which creates a dynamic and mesmerizing effect. This rug is a true representation of the intricate and skilled craftsmanship of Khomeyn, with its precise and elaborate design elements.

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