Rug Markazi-Mahallat-1

The rug is a beautiful piece of art with a size of 404 x 343 cm and dates back to the year 1900. It features a Tekrari design, which means that the pattern repeats endlessly. The design is of Mahal origin and is known for its intricate and symmetrical floral patterns. The red field of the rug is the primary feature that catches the eye, and it is adorned with intricate blue elements. The blue edges give the rug a neat finish and complement the design. The use of red and blue colors creates a beautiful contrast, making the rug stand out in any room. Upon closer inspection, one can see the level of detail that has gone into creating this piece of art. The intricate floral patterns are precise and symmetrical, showcasing the skill of the weaver who created it. The rug’s texture is also notable, with a luxurious feel that adds to its overall beauty. In summary, this rug is a masterpiece of art that showcases the skill and craftsmanship of its creator. The use of intricate patterns, beautiful colors, and attention to detail make it a timeless piece that will be cherished for years to come.

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