Rug Markazi-Sarugh-17

The Tasviri (Pictorial design) rug from Sarugh is a stunning work of art that showcases intricate details and skilled craftsmanship. The rug measures 206 cm by 140 cm, making it a relatively small but impressive piece. The rug’s design features people, one of whom is mounted on an elephant, which immediately captures the viewer’s attention. The people are depicted in great detail, and their clothing, posture, and expressions are all beautifully rendered. The surrounding landscape is also depicted in great detail, with plants and flowers intricately woven into the design. The rug’s overall color scheme is dominated by beige, brown, and red tones, which give the piece a warm and inviting feel. Overall, the Tasviri rug from Sarugh is a masterful piece of art that would be a beautiful addition to any collection.

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