Rug Markazi-Sarugh-35

This small Tekrari rug from Sarugh features a charming paisley endless repeat design with light blue edges and a white field. The intricate pattern is created by repeating elements of the paisley shape, which is a curved shape that resembles a teardrop or half-moon. The design is beautifully executed with careful attention to detail and balance, creating a harmonious and elegant overall effect. While the exact measurements are not provided, the rug’s small size adds to its charm and makes it a delightful accent piece in any space. As a piece of art, this Tekrari rug showcases the mastery of traditional Persian rug weaving techniques and the skillful craftsmanship of the weavers in Sarugh. The rug’s clean and crisp aesthetic and timeless design make it a lovely addition to any collection of Persian rugs.

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