Rug Markazi-Sarugh-67

This Sarugh rug is an exquisite piece of art, displaying the Talfighi or Mingle medallion design typical of the Sarugh region. Its rich color scheme and intricate pattern make it a beautiful example of Persian carpet weaving. The red field with black edges creates a striking contrast, with the yellow medallion serving as the centerpiece of the composition. The smaller floral motifs inside the medallion add depth and texture to the design. The rug’s size of 203 x 130 cm indicates that it is likely a decorative piece for a smaller space, such as a seating area or hallway. While the date is unknown, the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail suggest that it was likely produced in the 20th century. Overall, this Sarugh rug is a stunning work of art that would make a beautiful addition to any collection or space.

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