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Have you ever known? How much the most expensive rug costs…


Figaro qua, Figaro là

Figaro, Figaro, Figaro…

We all know or at least suspect that the rugs are not a modern invention and have been around for a while: from their ideologic arise when in Neolithic Era cavemen used to put animal skins on the floor in order to add a sense of comfort to their stone surroundings, passing through Arabs using rugs as saddles or Nomads who used to travel with their rugs and used them as sleeping sheets and coming to nowadays when we started to look at them not as at a functional item but rather like at a piece of art. But let us not be too serious. It’s time for fun. Here are TOP 3 stunning things about rugs:

33 million $

Was the price of the most expensive rug ever. Why? Maybe because it dated 17 Century, or because it was Persian, or perhaps the buyer (whose name we can’t disclose, sorry…) had a special attachment to the pattern..


Large as a football Pitch

Qasr al-Alam carpet surprised the world. It was designed by Ali Khaliqi. It took just 18 months to wove it’s pattern can be considered fully unique representing a map with details of each particular region. It’s considered a well-recognized piece of art in the industry and we bet this Baby is a TRUE piece of art. Without doubt.


Rug or Carpet?

People often wonder what the difference between a rug and a carpet is. Both are floor coverings and both have many similar aspects, so what makes them so different? The answer is: size. anything larger than 40 sqft (12 sq meters) is considered a carpet.


What else? We’ll see next time… And for now:

Figaro qua, Figaro là

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