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Atelier Tapis Rouge, an increasingly prominent voice in the contemporary rugs scene, announces the opening of its new showroom in downtown Milan at 26 Via Borgonuovo in the historic Brera district, chosen for the architectural, social, and cultural qualities that have decreed its growing prestige over the years.

Atelier Tapis Rouge, an increasingly prominent voice in the contemporary rugs scene, announces the opening of its new showroom in downtown Milan at 26 Via Borgonuovo in the historic Brera district

The Company, whose roots go back to the ancient Persian tradition, was born from the entrepreneurial flair of Aaron Meilech and his many years of experience in classic carpet production. A well-established know-how on rugs history, meanings, commercial scenarios, and techniques that Aaron has been able to decline in a contemporary and sustainable path also thanks to the meeting with the Architect and Designer Natalia Enze, Head of Design of the Company.

The importance of selecting quality, strictly natural materials is at the core of the Tapis Rouge’s production cycle. This peculiarity is reflected in every detail of the products’ research, design, and finishing.

With the opening of the flagship store in Milan, the international capital of furniture design, Tapis Rouge confirms its nature as a hub, a hotbed of ideas and achievements, which, through unique creations inspired by the world of nature, graphic design, art, and architecture, addresses the luxury market by sharing values belonging to an ancient heritage.

“The urban fabric of the Brera district, to me, represents the many faces of Milan. The narrative that connects architecture belonging to different eras is coherent and harmonious. In my opinion, Milan has a dual nature; its interiority emerges, revealing itself on the surface only through its most hidden places. It is in this dialogue between inside and outside, between internal and external, that our research on creativity and dwelling practices finds an inexhaustible source of inspiration every day.”  – Natalia Enze, Atelier Tapis Rouge Head of Design.

In Atelier Tapis Rouge’s new showroom, natural light streams in from the three windows overlooking the street, illuminating the textures of the rugs on display: a selection of contemporary designs that well expresses Tapis Rouge’s expertise, quality craftsmanship, and care in aesthetic research.

Protagonists of the exhibition with which the brand introduces itself to the Milanese public of architects, interior designers, design lovers, and beauty enthusiasts with an exhibition that aims to show the creative variety of the catalog with a focus on different styles, finishing and non-standard shapes.

Displayed on the wall: “Tratto Magenta” and “Tratto Curvo” signed by Natalia Enze; the rugs “Melting Glacier” and “River Flux” the latest pieces of the “Planet Earth” Collection by the artist Margo Trushina, along with Mysterious Moss. On the floor, Laser Venus by Natalia Enze. Among others in stock in Milan: Sonico Blue Notte, Googie, Bauhaus Terreno, Tratto Verde, Bauhaus Cielo, Breton Beige and more as an intriguing and sophisticated selection of the brand’s aesthetic codes and values.

Tratto Collection

The gestural nature of drawing inspires the collection, the action of producing lines, and, in a broader sense, the ability to leave marks on surfaces, giving each one a distinct identity. The textures of the hand-knotted rugs in the Tratto Collection express depth, thickness, luminosity, frequency, energy, and color, delineating the distinctive language of the collection. A tribute to the gesture of drawing as the primary tool for making a vision concrete, making it usable and liable to original interpretations. The archetypal image of the rug is expanded in the Tratto collection by the irregular shapes of its pieces: focal points designed to enhance and dynamically connect all the elements of an interior project. 


Planet Earth Collection

Planet Earth is a tribute to the strength and fragility of nature. The textures are evocative of an organic world captured in its transformation, surfaces crafted through the brand’s know-how in bringing the dynamic complexity of nature to the surface.  

The rugs result from weaving bright silk with soft wool yarns, combining sustainable raw materials with artisanal production techniques developed over the years. Shades, plays of shadow, and light become tactile, evoking mossy rocks, ice sheets, and rivers with that peculiar quality that characterizes manufactured products. 

Tapis Rouge rugs, more than furnishing accessories, are artistic creations capable of celebrating nature’s power and eternal beauty in all its meanings. The avant-garde stylistic languages are, together with more traditional designs, the essence of craftsmanship excellence and custom productions.

“Designs, colors, and shapes originate within our atelier to enter homes, generating unique aesthetic experiences, becoming part of everyday domestic rituals, and embracing different styles. The word ” dwelling” expresses a profound concept. For us, dwelling means living in a place and being inhabited by it. It is the place where we choose to live that enriches us every day with its history; that’s why we chose for our first showroom the heart of the city in Milan, the historic Brera district.” – Aaron Meilech, Atelier Tapis Rouge Founder. 

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