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Mike Shilov on Inspiration for the La Scala collection and his idea about interiors

TR: What inspires you to create a new project?

There are always multiple factors involved in the creation of any project: how the author lives, what he thinks about and cares about, but also global design trends, and the specifics of the particular brand for which the product is designed.

So, the La Scala collection was originally born out of my admiration for Italian architecture and, in particular, the beauty and variety of staircases that I had seen in houses and palaces across Italy – from ancient to modern.

The choice of colors was determined both by my preferences and trends in interior fashion. While the choice of materials – precious Chinese silk and prestigious New Zealand wool – was based on Atelier Tapis Rouge’s expertise in rug weaving and focus on the premium customer segment.

Having left behind a successful sales experience of the collection, today we can confidently say that La Scala rugs decorate the most elegant homes – it’s a kind of sign of interior quality.

TR: How do you think living spaces and their functions will change in the future?

MS: With the evolution of technology and artificial intelligence, living spaces will become more and more like the “machines for living” about which Le Corbusier was dreaming. People spend a lot of time away from home, use delivery services for all the things in the world, and their need for household chores such as laundry or cooking is minimized. The decor of the future is simple, comfortable as well as pleasing to the eye, made within the budget that one or another person can afford, with varying levels of materials, design elaboration, and detailing. Rugs will definitely remain as a sign of a cozy home, filled with warmth and love.

Luxury rugs, such as La Scala, will continue to be an important reminder of the status of the owners and their high “interior” culture. The ideal living room that is drawing to me is a spacious room with large windows, a comfortable deep enough sofa, a functional media library with a home theater, the gentle light of floor and table lamps, expertly chosen and well-placed art, and a luxuriously soft rug underfoot.

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