Lion, witch and magic wardrobe … and a rug

The summer is over and we are back to school. Just like yesterday when we were marching in a uniform – and today we find ourselves holding our sons and daughters by the hand. How could we simplify their lives further on? Hard to say. But one thing is sure: kids have a lot of hours upfront to study and comfortable ambiance of their rooms is something we can help them with. From another hand, the proper process of decorating a child’s room can be very exciting as it reveals our inner child spirit, which at times can be wild.

Here are 3 keys that will not only guarantee that you have chosen the best for your kid but also made a good investment.

Brookfield Navy_int2.jpg


Curiously enough rugs made of natural materials perform much better than synthetic ones. In this case wool is one of most durable materials. As for design, the rugs of dark colors with detailed pattern are much more difficult in cleaning than lighter rugs with big elements in design. But in any case, whatever happens in the child room, attentive team of client care of Tapis Rouge will help to bring your rug to initial condition.



And once again the question is: natural or synthetic? Children tend to spend a lot of time in the room therefor natural materials are the right choice. And in spite of all qualities of wool, such as durability, price, touch… as a rug material it might be not suitable for the children with allergies. But the good news is that lately rug industry and Atelier Tapis Rouge in particular has significantly increased the choice of natural materials. Among the most hypoallergenic are hemp, cotton, bamboo and silk.



Cut pile or loop pile? Pile of one height or with 3 D design? A lot of questions… Cut pile rugs are very soft. But they are prone to what is known as “pile reversal” and it might not matter too much if you use the carpet in the bedroom, but it will be visible when placed in the hallway. Loop pile rugs from another hand can be a bit rough but they are more resistant to “please reversal” problem. In any case the pile height for kids’ room shall be medium or low because who knows which Chronicles of Narnia will occur there when parents are not around.


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