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With love from Tapis Rouge – Memorable moments of 2021

Dear Friends, partners and members of Tapis Rouge family,

During the last weeks and days of 2021 I would love to thank you all for your attention, support and interest devoted to Tapis Rouge.

It has been an amazing year with great opportunities, new options, new vision, brand new ideas. It has been truly an amazing year full of exciting and memorable moments.


We have been awarded and won several world-recognized awards and prizes. We will be present on one of world most prestigious Salons “SALONE DEL MOBILE” in 2022.


I would like to thank sincerely: all partners who believe in us and who joined us in this journey, clients and their families who have chosen our creations and enjoy those as part of house interior, our team, who works day and night in every “corner of the Earth”


And, of course, our majors, who have created this project years ago due to hard work and who’s subtle vision turned it into success worldwide.


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