Tapis Rouge presents “Inner Places”

A mini-series of artist portraits in documentary format to celebrate a new showroom opening in Milan

To celebrate a new chapter, which begins with the opening of a new showroom in the center of Milan, in the historic Brera district, Atelier Tapis Rouge recounts its values through its most significant voices of recent years.
“Inner Places” is a mini-series of artist portraits in documentary format;
the protagonists of each episode are the artists, designers, architects, and collaborators who contribute with their experiences and research to innovate the creative proposal of the brand.

© Tapis Rouge – Director: Delia Simonetti; Sound Design & Soundtrack: Eugenio Mazzetto

The first episode, titled “Natalia Enze: The Essence is Hidden on the Surface,” narrates the artistic research and inspirations of the Head of Design of Tapis Rouge surrounded by the architectural and multifaceted scenery of Brera, one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city of Milan.
The series’ title alludes to the most intimate tale of one’s places, where the artist takes refuge and creates; the interior and exterior spaces delineate the margins of creative thought, where visions materialize and enter projects to animate them and create value.
The result is a sort of love letter to the city with its introverted personality, which does not reveal itself immediately but opens the doors of its interiority to those who know how to read its materic surfaces and the complex narrative of the urban fabric, built across different epochs and architectural styles.

The full video of the first episode will be available soon.
The director is Delia Simonetti; the sound design and soundtrack are by Eugenio Mazzetto.

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