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Catch Santorini vibes

Our ECO collection is inspired by the shapes, character
and unique characteristics of spectacular islands.
We are absolutely in love with amazing Santorini island.


Santorini is a white and blue Greek fairy tale. It is an island with steep cliffs, green vineyards and deep blue sea – a very picturesque place under the sun. Just imagine… nestled colorful beaches, snow-white houses and breathtaking scenery… in other words, heaven on earth.


And what if interior design was inspired by the views of Santorini, what would the space be like? Simplicity, brevity and lightness will be the main postulates in the creation of the project. Stone, wood and natural textiles in light shades should be used as the main materials.


Pick your favorite design and enjoy the sweet feeling of escape from daily routine to the most beautiful islands of Earth.

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