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It what’s good always gold? Check for the answers in Hollywood

Hollywood is certainly a trend-setter in terms of life for most successful ones. Rooms decorated in the classic Hollywood Regency style are known for glitz and glam, but when it comes to interiors, is what’s good always gold? Yes, it is. But use wisely.

Here are 5 most doubtful Hollywood trends that being used in a wrong way can turn your interior into a Hollywood scene.


Lucite is a key element of Hollywood glam aesthetic. It became a trend due to natural capacity of light to make the place seem larger. But as any coin it has another side: nothing will make a room look dated faster than too much of light during some time.



Hollywood regency style at certain moment became popular due to extensive use of bold colors which simplified the work of designers. No doubt, it’s an eye-catching addition to any space. But it’s better not to exaggerate: “the less is more” approach is the right way to go.



Gold finishes offer luxurious look, so when it comes to Hollywood Regency style, there’s no shortage of golden accents. Gold could be rather neutral but it’s very important to find the right balance in volume, mixing it with calm cozy textures.



Think twice before covering all the walls or entire piece of furniture with the lacquer. First of all, a lacquer paint job can cost a fortune. High gloss finish is hard to apply evenly and tends to show any imperfections your wallsmay have. That’s why concentrating on a smaller space like a furniture piece is always a better idea. At least when the trend passes you won’t curse yourself for being an unwise spender.



Luxurious details are undoubtfully an important characteristic of Hollywood style. But do you remember Joe from “Friend”, who kind of exaggerated with luxury once he became a Hollywood actor. Curiously enough he is not the only one. Too much Luxury elements tend to turn interior into a theater scene which is simply not livable. In this case couple of vintage pieces will be a perfect match for your interior.


Luxury. Use Wisely

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