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Movie Stars – Don’t laugh, but could you ever imagine that the rug can play…

Don’t laugh – rugs play more than a supporting role in movies. Sometimes the proper story line is spinning around some charismatic rug, emphasizing this or that feature of character.

Here we go: 5 top starring rugs and the features that brought them to success.

The big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski shows us just how much the rug could mean. So important, that it is worth fighting for it with. In the Coen brothers’ comedy classic, the main action gets underway when an intruder breaks into Jeffery Lebowski’s apartment, ruining his favorite rug in the process. Apparently, it meant a lot because as per Lebowski “IT TIGHES THE ROOM TOGETHER”. Frankly speaking, not the least important characteristic for the rug.


Downtown Abbey

Known for their historic sets, Downton Abbey has a wealth of interior design inspiration for homeowners who love antiques. And with such grand and ornate sets, some items need to be custom made to fit the space. If you have a large living room or oddly shaped parlor in your own home, CUSTOM MADE RUG becomes essential ensuring the furniture fits safely on the rug.

Game of Thrones

A little-known fact about Game of Thrones is that the Night’s Watch characters have shaggy warm coats made of… don’t laugh – IKEA rugs. In the movie Jon Snow battles White Walkers in an IKEA rug, you can purchase at a store near you. We have to say, the rug can be quite EFFICIENT AGAINST COLD.

The money Pit

Tom Hanks is certainly a brilliant actor and just himself he makes the movie. He can’t seem to get a break as his dream house seems to be crumbling all around him. Thankfully, the oriental rug is still doing its job rescuing the main character from falling into a hole. Who knew a rug could save you from a broken leg? Therefor we appreciate their SOFT AND COMFORTING TEXTURE.


You can’t write an article about movie and television rugs without including Aladdin. No rug can compare with the one that flies dances and gives romantic advices to its owner on “how to flirt with a girl” A clear winner. The world of Arabian nights became more exciting with Disney’s re-imagining of the classic genie tale. Aladdin’s magic carpet became a deserving and universally adored champion, this rug certainly has a charming CHARACTER that makes it unforgettable.


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