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Can I order a custom-designed rug at Atelier Tapis Rouge?

Our team of designers will help create a rug for your project. Here’s how we start the project:

  1. It’s preferable to have a room plan, furniture layout, materials, and colors of items. We’ll offer design options or use one of our rugs from the catalog as a base.
  2. Then we’ll create a sample for you to ensure your choice of design and color is right. Only after that, we’ll proceed to rug production. You’ll keep the sample to continue working on your interior.
  3. When you receive the rug, be sure to read the care instructions. We’re always available to help restore the rug if it gets damaged. You can contact the seller or email us at info@ateliertapisrouge.com.
  4. Each Atelier Tapis Rouge rug has a unique number. The recipe for each product is stored in the brand’s archive. You can always email us at info@ateliertapisrouge.com to get information about the color, composition, and quality of your rug. If you have doubts about the seller or if you received a rug without a unique number, it’s a reason to contact us and get an answer to ensure you’ve truly purchased a quality exclusive rug from the Italian brand Atelier Tapis Rouge.

We only use high-quality materials and eco-friendly dyes. All stages of rug production are environmentally friendly, from the base to the finishing treatment of the rug. We’re working to ensure that the rug packaging meets sustainability standards. Find your own design and get a product that will delight you for many years.

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