Rug Bali Coast

The islands' and archipelagos' different and bizarre shapes inspire the ECO collection. Created through geological events of different origins, modeled over hundreds of years, the islands are the paradigm of a certain idea of light-heartedness because they are far from everything, but they are also an example of the complexity of nature. In the designs of the Eco collection, the islands appear summarized in essential shapes made of curved outlines or with few edges. At the basis of the concept, there is an exercise in reading complexity, an intent, albeit playful, to measure everything, even the extremely large, and to be able to translate it into simple and recognizable forms which still retain the image of their archetype.
Rug ID
Wool 100%
Knot Density
60 knots/inch²
Pile Height
4 - 20mm
Hand-knotted, Long Pile
Terms Of Production
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