Rug Men

Images of a true Russian winter, icy air, crunching snow beneath your feet, magnificent ice on the river, shimmering in the sunlight, snowflakes melting in your palm, form the foundation of the collection. The white snow, like a blank piece of paper, conveys peace and purity. Nature and time seem to stand still in anticipation of new life and transformation. The world we live in has changed dramatically in recent decades. Digital technology has provided convenience and benefits, but it has also replaced basic and vital values like living conversation and connection with nature. The Soviet-era buildings and artworks that surround us now are trapped in time, transporting us emotionally to a society in which communion with nature was essential.
Rug ID
Wool 74%, Silk 26%
Knot Density
100 knots/inch²
Pile Height
6 - 10mm
Terms Of Production
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