Rug Orange 4

Plain Luxe Rugs by Tapis Rouge is a collection of hand-loomed rugs woven in a single color and composed of 100 percent pure fiber. After a careful study of color, we have outlined eight timeless hues, each in four variations of intensity: from the lightest to the darkest shade, the hues are suitable to create the right match with any style or interior while maintaining sobriety and elegance. The simplicity ennobled by the use of high-quality fibers and careful handwork makes this solution suitable for residential, hospitality, and retail projects, with a choice of 6 different types of materials depending on the desired aesthetic and textural result: Bamboo Silk and Silk for a luminous effect, NZ wool for a matte result; Mohair, Cashmere, and Alpaca for incredibly soft surfaces, in pile heights ranging from 12 to 25mm. The extreme quality of the fibers makes this a durable product, suitable for contract and domestic use, choosing from 3 standard sizes depending on the interior or customization in multiple and infinite shapes. Other materials are available upon request.
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